Garrett Bazany

Alpine Skiing

Classification Pending


Grand Haven, MI


2018 – Adaptive Sports for Social Change (ASSC) program in South Korea.
Earned B.S. in Biochemistry
Avid road cycle racer

“Adaptive sport is important because It gets people with a disability out doing the things they love again. it allows you to do what everyone else is doing without a difference. Everyone is on the same level playing field and just doing the sport they love.”


Path to the #AdaptiveNation:

I was injured doing a double front flip on a trampoline and was paralyzed from the chest down as a quadriplegic. I have since gained movement and feeling back. I first got involved with the NAC when I heard about the mountain-biking festival in Wydaho. I started skiing in Michigan just after my accident and through a program in Michigan I met Jules Terry and some other people. They mentioned I should try to go into down hill racing. I got conected with Jules and I sent her a text message. She then gave me Erik’s contact information and I sent him an email about me and some videos of me skiing. He then told me I should meet up with him. So when I came out for the mountain biking festival I met up with him for a little bit and he told me to come out in the winter. So we kept in touch and found a couple weeks and so I came during the Huntsman Cup and trained a little bit and watched the races. Since then he told me I should move out here for the next season and get a new ski, so now here I am moving out for the season.


See how well I do ski-racing, set goals from those benchmarks
Make it to the 2022 Paralympics and compete for a medal
Become a Physician’s Assistant
Work as an established motivational speaker

Favorite Quote/mantra:

“If you believe you can, you can–and if you believe you can’t, you can’t. Either way you are right.”

“Start life now,” is a phrase I got tattooed on my arm with the date of my accident. It’s basically a constant reminder that life doesn’t end after a life-changing injury, but rather it began and made me who I am today. It also is a reminder that you cant change the past–so don’t focus on it…and do everything you can to make each day great. So if I have a crappy race I will just push past that cause I can’t change how I performed.

When Garrett is off the slopes, he…

Likes to do photography and videography with his drone as well as mountain bike, water-ski, paraglide and rock climb. Basically anything that’s outdoors and active.

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