9W-2 Alpine Ski Racer with Cerebral Palsy


Steamboat Springs, CO


During the 2020-21 season leading up to Nationals, I won gold, silver and bronze in Park City, Aspen and Winter Park. At Nationals in March I won bronze in GS. Prior to being hospitalized in 2017, I medaled in many races and I received the “Honorary Racer” award at the AIG event in 2016: Jonny Mosely presented the award to me then called my neighbors who are his good friends to say he met me.

Paige Vanarsdale

Your Path to the NAC:

I participated in an alpine ski racing camp when I was a teen where I met Ray Watkins. Then in 2017 I stopped taking my seizure meds and got a concussion in Park City. I then got diagnosed with bi-polar depression and missed the entire season following the Huntsman Cup. My first return to para alpine racing was in 2020 at the Huntsman Cup. The biggest obstacle was getting over my fear of returning to my final race location (PC). I did pretty well at the race winning gold and bronze in slalom. Coach Jules said she’d represent me at Nationals in Winter Park, but then COVID caused all ski areas to close early and Nationals was canceled. The 2020-21 season I practiced part time with NAC and they represented me at races. I really like the coaches and teammates at NAC, so this season (2021-22) I’m moving to SLC to practice full time with the team to “suck less.”


My long term goal is to make the Paralympic team. My short term goals are getting better one race at a time and racing in a Super G.

Favorite Quote or Mantra:

“I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.” –Misty Copeland

Per-Race Routine:

I like to relax and listen to music. No specific song: but pre race songs I like are Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire,” Nathaniel Rateliff “Survivor,” and Portugal the Man “Steal My Sunshine.”

When not on the mountain, what are you doing?

If I’m relaxing, I like to read books or listen to music. If I’m doing activities, then I like to run, paddleboard or swim.

Anything else we should know?

I want others to know that no matter what obstacles or setbacks you have, never give up on your dreams.

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