Silver medal for Paralympic Utahn in Goalball in Tokyo

The onset of a once-in-a-century pandemic provided many folks with an opportunity to reevaluate their lifestyle and career choices. With ‘HELP WANTED‘ signs hanging in nearly every business there’s never been a better time to consider a job switch or a career change. Some have already discovered the joy of seasonal work at one of Utah’s fabled ski areas. What few realize is that many entry-level positions at ski areas can often lead to rich, rewarding and satisfying careers. It requires a ton of human resources to power a resort, and the skills the workforce possesses are as varied and diverse as the positions on offer.


Besides the obvious, customer-facing positions like ski instructors, lift operators and food and beverage personnel, resorts rely heavily on the skills and expertise of mechanics, maintenance gurus, electricians, welders, operators of heavy machinery, spa and beauty technicians, cat drivers, snowmakers, accountants, janitors, marketing experts, financial analysts, event coordinators, chefs and plow drivers to name just a few. There is huge potential to discover and foster a career you love in the ski operations industry, and you may be surprised by the diversity of available positions. All Utah resorts are currently hiring.Be sure to visit their recruitment pages to peruse all the current offerings and the many different directions you could go!BrianHeadEaglePoint_SkiUtah_HiRez_AustenDiamondPhotography-5jpg

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