This Bike Ride is a MOFO

The MOFO is a sufferfest-for-good in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, challenging people on bicycles and handcycles, alike.
Scooter, a Lab-hound mutt, was struggling to keep pace when Maggie Gettys high-sided the top of a steep, left-hand berm and landed upside down in the sagebrush. Backlit by a pink-and-gold sunset, Scooter dutifully checked on his owner and found Gettys laughing through a casual smile with no lasting damage besides a broken pair of olive-green sunglasses. “The widest part of the bike is actually the most unstable,” said Gettys, a 23-year-old graduate student and adaptive athlete. She turned her head toward me and explained that her three-wheeled handcycle is an efficient rig for munching cross-country miles, but the recumbent configuration can get a little squirrelly when speeds pick up on downhills…More at

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