Tread Setters: A Trailblazing Documentary Celebrating Inclusivity and Achievement

In the vibrant desert colors of fall in 2022, the National Ability Center (NAC) embarked on an exciting new venture supported by Outride and Osseointegration International. Together, they funded a groundbreaking documentary that chronicles the inspiring journey of para-cyclists and non-disabled cyclists as they conquer the 100-mile White Rim Trail in Canyonlands, Utah.

With Josie Fouts, Annijke Wade, Steven Wilke, and Roger Withers as the protagonists, and the talented Louis Arevalo as the director, this documentary, titled Tread Setters, promises to captivate audiences with its powerful message of unity and determination.

As anticipation builds for the release of Tread Setters, cycling enthusiasts and documentary lovers can catch a glimpse of the film by watching the trailer on the NAC’s official YouTube channel. While the entire film is set to debut exclusively at SBT GRVL in August in Steamboat, CO., we can look forward to its showcase at various film festivals towards the end of 2023 and throughout 2024. An official public release on YouTube and Vimeo will be available after these screenings.

The film showcases the awe-inspiring landscapes of the White Rim Trail and delves into the personal triumphs and challenges faced by the diverse group of cyclists featured. It serves as a testament to the NAC’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and empowering individuals with disabilities through adaptive recreation.

Beyond the cinematic experience, the NAC offers a variety of programs that foster personal growth and well-being for individuals with disabilities. If the spirit of Tread Setters inspires you and you would like to contribute to their cause, becoming a volunteer at the National Ability Center can provide you with an opportunity to make a tangible impact. Visit the Volunteer page to explore a wide range of adaptive recreation programs the NAC offers and discover ways to get involved in its transformative initiatives.

The collaboration with Outride and Osseointegration International in bringing Tread Setters to life highlights their dedication to disability awareness – an often-overlooked dimension of diversity. Outride, an esteemed nonprofit, is dedicated to supporting communities and fostering social change by harnessing the power of cycling. To learn more about Outride’s valuable work and its positive influence on individuals and communities, visit their home page here. Osseointegration International’s mission is simple: to help amputees to achieve freedom of mobility and comfort. To learn more about Osseointegration International, visit there home page here.

The upcoming release of Tread Setters promises to be a testament to the resilience and determination of the human spirit, showcasing the triumphs achieved by para-cyclists and non-disabled cyclists alike. Through its storytelling and cinematography, this documentary will undoubtedly foster a greater appreciation for inclusivity and the power of community.

A cameraman in the foreground sets up a shot of a cyclist coming towards him.
Cinematographer Austin Smock lines up a shot of Steven Wilke.
A person in a wheelchair looks out of frame.
Director Louis Arevalo surveys the scene.
Three bikes in the back of a truck as seen through the rear window.
Two of these are adaptive bikes, can you spot the difference?
A person uses a shovel to level off a section of dirt road for a truck to pass.
Conditions were challenging to say the least.