Emil Chuang

Prior to joining the NAC Board, Emil was an active participant, volunteer, and donor from the day he moved to Park City in 2016. He has a passion for outdoor sports despite being inflicted with poliomyelitis at the age of 6 months. He has a “can-do” attitude, despite the fact that adaptive equipment was rare when he was growing up. He learned about the NAC while he was working in Switzerland and so when it was time to return to the US, the decision was easy, and he had no hesitation in relocating his family to Park City. His wife is a regular volunteer for the summer programs and his son is both a volunteer and the bike mechanic for the NAC. Emil Chuang is a pediatric gastroenterologist by training and is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Intrinsic Medicine, a biotechnology company focused on developing safe and affordable medications to treat patients with gut-brain axis disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and autism spectrum disorder.

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