Francesca Luthi

Francesca first discovered the NAC in 2015 after her and her family visited Park City that summer.  They enjoyed it so much that they wanted to return the following winter and started researching potential support for their son who has CP.  Today, Francesca enjoys being a part of our organization as it has supported her family in many ways; including her son as it has given him the confidence to ski, climb, and bike- and it has allowed her entire family to experience an awesome camping adventure along the Colorado River.  Francesca is involved as a way to pay it forward: “to help carry out the organization’s story given the profound impact the NAC has had on my family.”  Francesca was born in Switzerland and had the opportunity to travel a lot as a child, which profoundly impacted her- she is fluent in 3 languages and proficient in 2 additional.  She loves learning about cultures as it has given her the insight to understand just how similar we all are.

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