Team Flyers Athletes
Competitive teams for individuals with cognitive and intellectual disabilities.

Progression and Growth

Team Flyers sports offered at the National Ability Center include alpine skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and archery for athletes with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. Team Flyers athletes focus on skills development and progression while given the opportunity to participate in competitions for their sport, including Wyoming Special Olympics and United States of America Ski and Snowboard Association events, in addition to local events hosted by the National Ability Center: Summit Challenge cycling and Race and Rail Classic skiing and snowboarding competitions. 

Team Flyers Ski & Snowboard

For Ages 8 and Older

Elevate your winter experience with Team Flyers Ski & Snowboard Racing or Freestyle! Our program offers individuals with cognitive disabilities the chance to soar on the slopes. From beginners to aspiring pros, we focus on skill progression, teamwork, and personal growth.

Join us for exhilarating training sessions and prepare for the opportunity to compete at local events like Race and Rail Classic, hosted by the National Ability Center, along with prestigious Special Olympics and USASA competitions.

Team Flyers Archery

For Ages 8 and Older

Embark on a transformative journey this summer with Team Flyers Archery! Discover a life skills-focused, competitive team designed for individuals with intellectual or cognitive disabilities. Engage in regular training sessions that enhance focus, accuracy, and eye-hand coordination, elevating your archery skills.

Experience the art of goal setting and sportsmanship while gearing up for the National Ability Center Archery Tournament in August!

Team Flyers Cycling

For Ages 8 and Older

Pedal into an exciting summer adventure alongside fellow teammates to improve your cycling abilities! Team Flyers Cycling is a life skills-focused, competitive platform tailored for individuals with intellectual or cognitive disabilities.

Immerse yourself in dynamic training sessions, skill refinement, and camaraderie. Together, we prepare for the National Ability Center’s Summit Challenge race, increasing ride mileage weekly and mastering new cycling techniques.

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