Quarter Horse

Meet Miller, formerly known as Al, the 15-year-old Quarter Horse gelding with a Hollywood past, having served as a stand-in on the sets of “Yellowstone” and “1923.” His time in the limelight has honed his skills, making him a reliable and trustworthy mount for our participants. With his captivating face and gentle nature, Miller has captured the hearts of our staff, participants, and volunteers alike. Thanks to his steady cadence and rhythm, he’s an excellent choice for nervous beginners or riders needing extra stability.

Recently, at our annual Barn Party fundraiser, the Watts Family from Bolt Ranch made a generous winning bid of $30,000 to rename him. In a heartwarming tribute, they chose the name Miller, honoring Violet Miller, our featured participant at the event. Miller continues to inspire and support our community, embodying the spirit of the National Ability Center with every stride.

We invite you to stand alongside our incredible sponsors who support our horses’ well-being. As they say, it takes a village, and we’re delighted to welcome you to the community!

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Lance Ream

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