Rebekka Dill

Norwegian Fjord

Introducing Rebekka Dill, the National Ability Center’s very own equine movie star! This seasoned professional made her grand entrance into the NAC family in 2007, having previously worked at a ranch in Canada, as well as a few movie sets. Rebekka Dill is the embodiment of reliability and enthusiasm. Her love for her job knows no bounds, and she’s an absolute gem with participants of all disabilities and support needs. As the matriarch and head mare of our NAC herd, she gracefully leads the way, making her a beloved and respected presence in every corner of our equestrian program.

We invite you to stand alongside our incredible sponsors who support our horses’ well-being. As they say, it takes a village, and we’re delighted to welcome you to the community!

Sponsored By:

Frances W. Burton Foundation

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