9-year-old Quarter Horse

Meet Snickers, the easygoing Utah native who swapped the fast-paced world of roping for the serene life of a therapy horse. Snickers joined the National Ability Center’s adaptive equestrian program in 2021 with a newfound passion for helping others. This charming gelding has a knack for making everyone feel at ease, whether they’re young or old, beginners or seasoned riders. He excels in guiding independent riders with disabilities, showing them the ropes with a gentle and patient demeanor. Snickers may have traded speed for serenity, but his heart for healing shines bright in every interaction.

We invite you to stand alongside our incredible sponsors who support our horses’ well-being. As they say, it takes a village, and we’re delighted to welcome you to the community!

Sponsored By:

Jim & Sherry Hulse and In memory of Ron & Jo Birt

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