Nordic Skiing

Venture out into peaceful winter landscapes. Adaptive Nordic skiing's smooth aerobic movements provide excellent cardio as well as training for balance and spatial awareness. We provide both sit and stand equipment based on your adaptive needs so you and your family can get outside and enjoy the snow together.

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Kiwi Cross Country Ski

The Spokes N Motion Kiwi Cross Country Ski is a seated Nordic ski that can be appreciated by novice and professional sit-skiers alike. This ski is powered by the skier's arms and core, if available. The ski's innovative design provides maneuverability, exceptional stability and control for anyone who cannot stand to ski and is looking for a winter aerobic experience. After your lesson or checkoff you may rent this ski from the National Ability Center.

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Nordic Touring Sit Ski

This is a wider sit ski that allows those who cannot stand to ski to explore both groomed and un-groomed winter trails. For those with limited arm mobility, this ski may be attached to a haul line and towed. After your lesson and check off, this ski is available to be rented for your own adventures.

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