Fat Biking

Have you ever wanted to ride some of Park City’s most beloved trails in the winter? Then fat tire biking is for you. Round Valley grooms for fat tire biking, making it a fantastic place to learn and grow your skills year-round. With a fleet of upright fat tire bikes, whole fat recumbent trikes, and a full-fat handcycle, you can get out into Utah’s winter wonderland like never before. *Dates and Times Available in the Registration Portal

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Lasher Full Fat

The Lasher Sport Full Fat bike is an awesome fat-tire option with e-assist for riders who have spent a lot of time pedaling on the road or on our standard lasher off-road handcycle The lasher resembles an adaptive road cycle in its geometry, but has fat mountain bike tires perfect for snow. It provides a pleasant winter fat-biking experience for hand-cyclist riders with spinal cord injuries (SCI), those with balance considerations and amputees.

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Full Fat Ice Trike

This wide tadpole-style recumbent offers stability and control. Three 26" wheels with fat tires give it high clearance, traction and float over softer snow surfaces. The hight rise mesh back provides a comfortable ride for winter cyclists with balance issues, AK/BK amputations, TBI or those recovering from a stroke. Fun Fact! This same bike model made it to the south pole five years ago with Maria Leijerstram's incredible world record setting Antarctic South Pole Trike Expedition! After your lesson and check off, this trike is available for rental form the NAC or can be purchased from Ice Trikes.

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