Ride IMBA’s first gold-level mountain bike center in Park City, UT or Moab's world-renowned slickrock trails. Our experienced guides will pair you with the right equipment from our wide variety of adaptive and upright mountain bikes to help you explore miles of double and single track. In Park City, Round Valley is just outside our doors, with accessible trails like Porc-U-Climb and Downward Dog, built in partnership with Mountain Trails Foundation. Come experience it for yourself. To find mountain bike retreats, use our program search tool to search for "Overnight" programs.

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Group Handcycle Rides

This summer, it's all about fun and community. We've set up weekly group mountain bike rides for handcyclists so you can challenge yourself, discover new routes and meet new riding buddies! These group rides meet Tuesdays from 5:30 PM to 7PM and are for intermediate to advanced, arm-powered riders ages 16+.

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MOFO Ride Adaptive Mountain Biking Camp

Join NAC for this unique Handcycle Camp where we will introduce you to Park City's world-class trail system and set you up to take your riding to the next level. Stay in our lodge with miles of adaptive trials right outside your door and more incredible rides just a short drive away. Camp culminates in an amazing group challenge ride taking you on IMBA Gold-level trails just a short drive away. Riders must be arm-powered and over 18 years of age. Camp runs July 16-20. Sign up today to save your spot!

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Lessons + Sessions

Sign up for an individual lesson or session of weekly lessons! Summer Session I starts June 10.

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Moab Mountain Bike Camp - TBD

Dates and Status TBD. Stay tuned, our team is working to build an amazing potential experience on the red desert trails of Moab in Southern Utah. Reach out to us at info@discovernac.org to be the first to hear if this camp is added to the schedule for summer 2021.

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The Reactive Adaptations Bomber is an adaptive, off-road handcycle that places the rider in a prone position providing a more aggressive riding experience. Riders use their chest to engage a steering mechanism, so riders with lower-level spinal cord injuries will have more success riding this adaptive bike. Riders with lower level spinal cord injuries will have more success riding this bike. Riders must have some core strength/function allowing them to push up in a prone position. A high level of fitness is also recommended, as bombers can be more strenuous to pedal far distances but have better handling than other handcycles. After a lesson and check-off, you can rent a Bomber from the NAC.

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Riders who have spent a lot of time pedaling on the road will find Lasher Sports' Lasher to be a good transition to mountain biking. The lasher resembles an adaptive road cycle in its geometry, but has mountain bike tires and suspension. It provides a pleasant cross-country experience for hand-cyclist for riders with incomplete injuries or who have some use of their legs and feet. After a lesson and check-off, members can rent a Lasher from the NAC.

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The Reactive Adaptations Nuke is an entry level recumbent handcycle with rear wheel drive. It handles well on single track as well as double track trails and can also be ridden in skills parks. Some advantages of this bike are its ability to accommodate a variety of rider abilities and types. The Nuke has an internal hub which allows for easy shifting and hydraulic brakes for dynamic stopping. This bike is available with electric assist making it a great fit for first-time riders with spinal cord injuries and/or amputations as well as those with higher-level injuries and/or quads. Because of crank-arm limitations, this bike has a weight limit of 250 lbs. After a lesson and check-off, members can rent this bike from the NAC.

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The Reactive Adaptations Stinger is a foot-pedaled recumbent. With its high clearance and 26” wheels it makes off road mountain biking a blast. This bike has a wide wheel base making it a stable tadpole style recumbent. With rear suspension and knobby tires the rider will cruise over any obstacles in their path. This makes the Stinger a wonderful fit for riders with balance issues, AK/BK amputations, TBI or those recovering from a stroke. Riders must be able to balance on a bike, pedal and hold on to handlebars. Weight restriction 250 lbs. After a lesson and check-off, members can rent this bike from the NAC.

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Tandem Mountain Bike

Our tandem mountain bike provides a full suspension trail riding experience for those who need a little extra support or have low vision or blindness. The trails in Round Valley provide excellent terrain options for the tandem. Riders must be willing and able to pedal as the bike requires both riders to pedal in sync. The tandem is great for riders with a visual impairment or lower endurance. Riders must be able to balance on a bike, pedal and hold on to handlebars. This bike has a weight limit of 200 pounds per rider. After a lesson and check-off, members can rent this bike from the NAC.

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