100 Miles in 24 Hours.

Tread Setters isn’t just another film about athletes overcoming challenges. It’s a testament to the extraordinary spirit within us all. Follow Josie Fouts, Steven Wilke, Roger Withers, and Annijke Wade as they embark on a journey that defies conventions and redefines what it means to push boundaries.

In a world where the spotlight often shines on those without disabilities, these para-cyclists and adaptive athletes showcase the power of resilience and determination. Watch them tackle a grueling 100-mile mountain bike trail through Canyonlands National Park in under 24 hours and discover their journey’s steadfast courage while exploring themes of inclusivity in mountain biking and beyond.

Join the trailblazers, the Tread Setters, as they prove that with passion, dedication, and unwavering belief, anything is possible.

Presented by the National Ability Center

Full Film

The full movie is available to enjoy now!  
Running Time: 35m 44s

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Awards + Screenings

Award Winner – Voices Rising Film Festival
Best Documentary Short – Global Shorts
Honorable Mention – Lookout Wild Film Festival
Semi-Finalist – La Crosse Adventure Film Festival
Official Selection – Durango Independent Film Festival
Official Selection – Bicycle Film Festival
Official Selection – Lake Placid Film Festival
Other screenings:
2023 SBT GRVL 
2023 NAC’s Hub screening
2023 Outside’s “The Meeting” Conference
2024 Philly Bike Expo
2024 Move United Educational Conference 
2024 Grinduro! PA

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