Sponsor a Horse

Our horses are key members of our teaching team who have the unique capacity to understand and bond with participants on emotional and spiritual levels. Your sponsorship at any of these levels ensure the National Ability Center is able to continue to provide quality lessons year-round for participants of all abilities, supporting their path to “I Can”.


Norwegian Fjord

Started in 2014 and is sponsored by The Kish Foundation.


Haflinger Cross

Started in 2006 and is sponsored by the Huntsman Foundation in honor of Truman Taylor.


Quarter Horse

Started in 2017 is sponsored by Ken & Peggy Snow.


Miniature Horse

Started in 2013 and is sponsored by Stella Tavilla


Miniature Horse

Started in 2013 and is sponsored by Pat Moran Family Foundation.

Rebekka Dill

Norwegian Fjord

Started in 2007 and is sponsored by Frances W. Burton Foundation.


9-year-old Quarter Horse

Started his career has a therapy horse in 2021. Sponsored by Jim & Sherry Hulse and In memory of Ron & Jo Birt


Quarter Horse

Started in 2018 and sponsored by the Pat Moran Family Foundation.


Gypsy Cob

Started in 2012 and is sponsored by Leslie Lenny and Kish Foundation.


Quarter Horse

Started in 2014 and sponsored by The Pat Moran Family Foundation



In loving memory of Tulip, who served 15 years with the NAC.


Quarter Horse

Joined the NAC in 2022 and Sponsored by Progrexion


Quarter Horse

Sponsored by The Pat Moran Family Foundation and Park City Elks Lodge

Carrot Club

Sponsor at any level!

Your donation supports all NAC horses and our equestrian program.

Barn Party Sponsor a Horse & Rider

Diamond Level

Thank you to our annual Barn Party Sponsor a Horse and Rider Donors: Huntsman Foundation, Pat Moran, Quinn Family, Stephens Family, Wantanabe Family, Laurie McGrath, and Thom Brown.

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